MININT- as computername second time computer installs

Experienced an odd behavour when using a boot.iso with unknown computer support enabled.

If I added a computer to the SCCM console and installed the computer, the computer got the same name as I gave it when importing the computer (correct).
But when I reinstalled the same computer a second time it was named with a MININT- name instead..
Created a new boot.iso without unknown computer support (not using it anyway) and the problem went away. The computer now gets the name entered in the SCCM console every time.


  1. This problem occured again when I created a new bootable media (without unknown computer support), but with "Dynamic media" ticked..

    Made a new CD with "Site-based media" ticked instead and the problem went away again..

  2. This problem is solved in CU2 for SCCM 2012