Enable PXE on Distribution Point

Steps how to enable PXE on a distribution point in SCCM 2012

1. Add the Windows Deployment Services role to the server by using server manager.

2. From the SCCM Console: \Administration\Overview\Distribution Points
          Right Click the DP and select properties.
          Under the tab “PXE”, check “Enable PXE support for clients”
          Check “Allow this distribution point to respond to incoming PXE Requests”

3. From the SCCM Console: \Software Library\Overview\Operating Systems\Boot Images
          Right click the boot image and select “Properties”
          On the “Data Source” tab mark
          “Enable binary differential replication” and
          “Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point”



  1. hi,
    is possible to make a hibrid-PXE server?
    ( i mean: BIOS/(u)EFI with windows 7 and/or windows 8 )

    if its possible can u send it to my email address?
    ( thelucianobranco@gmail.com )

    i really appreciate your blog

  2. I suppose, no need to install WDS role from server manager manually in SCCM 2012. it will be installed and configured automatically once we enable PXE in DP... Cheers.

  3. That's correct Netha, nowdays this is working fine, but in the RTM version of ConfigMgr 2012 I sometimes experienced some problem when ConfigMgr itself added WDS.