Problem with WSUS updates when creating Windows 10 1607 ref image

When I was about to create a new ref-image for Windows 10 1607 I ran into problem when WSUS updates were about to download and install, they were just stuck on "Downloadning".

I got the problem even if the following updates were injected as packages in the beginning of the task sequence.

Found this great information from Michael Niehaus.

So I tried with disabling the "Delivery Optimization" service before Windows Update installations and enabled it again before sysprep and capture.
This solved the problem and the updates were downloaded and installed correctly.

Here are the steps added before and after updates installation in the task sequence:

Stop service DoSvc
     Command: sc stop DoSvc
Disable service DoSvc
     Command: sc config DoSvc start= disabled

Windows Update (Pre-Application Installation)

Install Applications

Windows Update (Post-Application Installation)

Enable service DoSvc
     Command: sc config DoSvc start= delayed-auto
Start service DoSvc
     Command: sc start DoSvc

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